Seamless communication

Better healthcare experience

Improved results

Your Digital Front Door
for all patient touchpoints

We digitize patient journey from patient outreach to discharge and follow up.
Deliver the convenience of online scheduling and appointment management.
Automatically register your patients when they arrive at the facility.
Follow up on your outgoing patients with smart reminders.

Better Healthcare Experience
Improved Results

Our technology elevates the patient experience as a whole and improves overall efficiency in your operations.
Increase Loyalty

Avoid Long Waiting Times

Improve HCAHPS Score

Reduce No-Shows

Prevent Patient Leakage

Empower Patients to Self-Navigate

Automate Patient Communication
Don't lose patients due to lack of communication! Our platform meets all of your patient access and communication needs from scheduling through discharge.

  • Improve doctor appointment efficiency
  • Avoid readmissions
  • Provide easy booking
  • Improve patient satisfaction
Indoor Navigation
Our indoor navigation feature will help your patients easily find their way, regardless of the size of your facilities.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Voice and visual guidance
  • Smart search
Smart Reminders
Follow-up is essential! Create a meaningful dialogue with your patients.

  • Medication reminders
  • Integrate clinical pathways and detect any expected complications or anomalies
  • Send educational videos and documents

Our Partners

We operate globally

Medrics is operating in 3 regions and 5 countries. We’re working with more than 85 hospitals.