Medrics has received investment from Diffusion Capital Partners

Diffusion Capital Partners (, has expanded its portfolio of technology investments with an investment in MEDRICS, a start-up that maximizes patient experience and operational efficiency.

MEDRICS has been established in Istanbul by the founders, Altuğ Özdamar, Murat Emre Duman, and Atalay Taşkoparan to:
- enable patients to use the mobile channel and devices to reach healthcare services with easiness and empowering services
- give the healthcare facilities the technological foundation to make informed decisions for operational efficiency and customer experience

MEDRICS is an advanced healthcare operations support system that utilise in-door and out-door technologies jointly with IoT solutions, on Cloud infrastructure with Mobile UI for patients and healthcare staff.

MEDRICS provides the patients and their companions; communication, guidance and information about the health-care services they will receive and guide the patient step-by-step for a better hospital experience. MEDRICS runs on patients’ and companions’ smart phones and kiosk systems in the hospital.

MEDRICS enables hospital administrations to stay in touch with patients from their moment of appointment and helps and guides patients to get faster, better quality and safe health-care service in the hospital.

The PRO version of MEDRICS provides continuous communication, information and orientation among the hospital management and personnel and provides a detailed behaviour analysis environment that enhances the efficiency of health care operation.

The MEDRICS team, with the strength of DCP as an investor, has started to establish the system in Turkey's largest hospitals. Within this scope, MEDRICS system is setup in Mersin State Hospital, which was opened in Feb 3rd 2017, and has been in use since the day the hospital began to provide services.

With its advanced technology infrastructure and services, MEDRICS is a system that can be installed and used quickly in hospitals not only in Turkey but also in neighboring countries. The MEDRICS team stated that they will start their overseas operations after the first projects in Turkey.